Simon Maurice's iPhone OpenGL ES Tutorial -Back up

Simon Maurice's iPhone OpenGL ES Tutorial -Back up

OpenGL ES 00 - Xcode Project Set Up

OpenGL ES 01 - Drawing Primitives 1 - Triangles

OpenGL ES 02 - Drawing Primitives 2 - Squares

OpenGL ES 03 - Transformations

OpenGL ES 04 - Color and Shading

OpenGL ES 05 - Texture Mapping Our Square

OpenGL ES 06 - Objects in 3D

OpenGL ES 07 - Translating Objects Independently

OpenGL ES 08 - The Final Primitives: Points and Lines in a Stride

OpenGL ES 09 - Blending Without Mr. Buzzy Part 1

OpenGL ES 10 - Multiple Textures, Repeating Textures, and The End of the Book Era

OpenGL ES 11 - Single Texture, Multiple Looks, Render to Texture, and Getting Inspired in Maths

OpenGL ES 12 - Landscape View & Handling Touches Part 1 - 2D World

OpenGL ES 13 - Moving in 3D

OpenGL ES 13.5 - Moving in 3D Part 2: Some Theory that I Should Have Explained

OpenGL ES 14 - Blender Models Part 1: Learning Some Blender Internals

OpenGL ES 15 - Blender Models Part 2: Loading and Rendering

OpenGL ES 16 - Blender Models Part 3: Textures and UV Mapped Objects

OpenGL ES 17 - Collision Detection

OpenGL ES 18 - Monkeys on Your Back and Geometric Shapes

OpenGL ES 19 - So You Wanna Be an iPhone Games Programmer?

Source codes can be found here

Since the original website of Simon Maurice seems not available, many people have been searching for this cool tutorial. This one is pretty good to start learning Open GL ES for iPhone programming . It gives a detailed explanation for every code and also gives sample source codes. Hope it may help you. All the best!

Disclaimer: This post and the whole blog is just a copy of iPhone-OpenGL-ES-tutorial-Series  (seems to have ) written by Simon Maurice. This blog does NOT have a written permission or any kind of permission from the original author (Simon Maurice). Please use it at your own risk. If you have any complaints regarding any content of this blog, please let me know I will remove it right away. Just hoping that it would be helpful for people who are trying to learn OpenGL. Happy coding!

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